Court Ordered Online DUI Course in Nevada

If you’ve been convicted in Nevada of driving under the influence, you should know that one of the requirements established by Nevada law for first time offenders is that they take an Alcohol and Controlled Substances Awareness Course. is proud to offer a fully DMV licensed online DUI course that will enable you to satisfy the state requirements without having to go to a classroom–The course is completely online!

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Just sign up for our course here at and finish your Mandatory Nevada Alcohol Awareness Course from your home or office. The course is completely online, which means you have access to it 24 hours a day and can work at your own pace. This DUI course is completely Nevada State licensed to satisfy the legal requirement for DUI offenders to take an Alcohol and Controlled Substances Awareness Course. You will learn about the legal consequences of drunk driving and understand the reasons why people drink and drive. Most importantly, you will be taught how to avoid this problem in the future and make your first DUI conviction your only DUI conviction.

The price of the course is $90.00

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